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New Energy Brampton Solar Lighting Inc.

All In One 15W 1600 Lumens Solar Power Motion Sensor AI Smart CREE LED

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Solar Powered AI-SMART LED Area, Path, Parking Light, up to 10-Watt/1600LM. Built and integrated with World's 1st AI as a software based version for a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential lighting applications.

This high quality and very durable light is completely self-contained. It is made from a sturdy cast aluminum alloy light fixture with industrial standard tempered glass solar panel, ultra-bright CREE LEDs and integrated AI-SMART control mode.

It can be used for outdoor new lighting installations or replacement/upgrade of outdated AC powered or low-tech solar powered lights. Its innovative AI-SMART lighting profiles offer true Dusk-to-Dawn all night long under 4 seasons lighting capability.

It has flexibility with auto compensation of critical weather and different geographic locations without frequently manual adjustments or APP setup, and it always automatically manage critical status of power source. AI-SMART solar lights present a significant improvement above current solar lighting performance operating with its 5G Artificial Intelligent Power Management (AIPM) System. It provides users 1-step Power-ON for Dusk to Dawn illumination all night long.

Heavy-duty well-built light fixture with aluminum-alloy monolithic casting extremely improves the heat dissipation to greatly increase LED illuminator and Li-battery operating life cycle

Light fixture angle or direction can be adjusted based on setting up location and environmental condition, it always continues lite up for all night long under dusk to dawn aI-smart on profile
American invented and developed hardware and firmware of self-auto dynamic adjustments based on seasons, geographic locations, year-round weather conditions and optimization of lighting performance with auto-compensation power management.

High quality components to extend operating long-life cycles: CREE LED, Zilog MCU, Ixys FETs, ePIR sensing tech, plus tempered glass solar panel, and cast aluminum alloy light fixture

Built in with the most advanced, reliable, and highest power density lithium-based battery, battery replacement available

Super bright Cree LED illuminators provide up to 1600 Lumens on peak, (compares with 100-Watt plus HD bulb illumination), highly intense outstanding illumination coverage up to 60 ft. x 60 ft.
DIY capable, outdoor weatherproof IP54 convenient and flexible pole installation, suitable for 1.5 in. to 5 in. poles
Invented (Patented technology), designed, developed, engineered and QC
Smart feature built with motion activated profiles/dimming mode
DIY capable, outdoor weatherproof IP65