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Brampton Solar

Brampton Solar 3W RGB LED Solar Landscaping & Decorative Flood Light.

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RGB outdoor LED lighting with 3 Colors.

RGB stands for red, green and blue. By combining the primary colors, colorful lighting can be produced. For instance, we can get an orange light by adding red and green lights. As we can see in the photo, although the overall color of the RGB floodlight is orange, it is composed of red and green lights if we look closely. By adjusting the intensity of red, green and blue lights, we can get millions of color combination.

Application of Festive Color-changing Lights

The color-changing floodlights are designed for outdoor building facade decoration. Especially for Christmas gathering party, the family members or friends will be impressed by the astonishing color-changing lighting effect. Apart from the building out walls, the lights can be applied to fake reindeer, sled and even snowman.

Apart from using the lights at the end of December, we can also light up the area in other festivals such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day. It instantly creates decent, romantic, spooky or other atmosphere.

3 Color-changing modes for choosing
Material: Diecast Aluminium 
Solar cell: Poly-crystalline 
Battery: Li-ion battery with 500 cycles
Core technology: ALS2.0/TCS
Warranty: 1 year 

  • Supplied and Shipped from Brampton Ontario.