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Brampton Solar

High Power Solar Floodlight 6000 Lumen with Remote Controller.

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Solar Powered Outdoor Landscape Light - 40W 6000LM

The solar-powered outdoor landscape light comprises a 40W LED and a separate solar panel. The size of the unit is 33.5 cm x 10.4 cm x 8 cm and it has an IP65 waterproof rating. The light is made of aluminum alloy, steel, and glass.

The solar-powered outdoor landscape light will turn on automatically in darkness and operate for eight consecutive nights after an eight-hour initial charge time. A display on the unit indicates battery capacity. The light's brightness and lighting time can be adjusted via a remote controller. The light is designed to be mounted on a wall to maximize light efficiency.


The solar-powered outdoor landscape light is used to illuminate barns, roads, gardens, parks, streets, walkways, and other outdoor environments.

From the remote control, you can select the different operating modes.
The most important are two: 
  • Outdoor. Installing the solar lighthouse outside of the premises, you have to select the “outdoor” mode, as the photo below. In this way, the light will be powered on automatically at sunset and powered off automatically at sunrise.
  • Indoor. In this mode, you can install the led lighthouse also inside the premises to be illuminated. Whit this operating mode, the lighthouse will no longer have the crepuscular function (power on/off automatically) but it can be powered on/off by the remote control, also during the day when the solar panel charging the batteries.

Furthermore, to increase the hours of power-on of the lighthouse, the remote control is equipped with buttons that allow the energy-saving operating mode setting such as the “RAIN” function with which you will have a less intense illumination, saving energy in the less sunny days.
– DAY: During the day the lamp is off, and the solar panel recharges the internal battery.
– NIGHT: The first power comes through the ON/OFF button and with the power on at the maximum light intensity.
From the remote control, you can select the different operating modes.

Solar Panel 14.3 Watt
Luminous flux 6000 Lumen
Light sensor YES
Battery Lithium 3,6 Volt / 18000 mAh
Lighting duration 3 Nights full charge
Dimensions Floodlight
305*104*80 mm
Dimensions Solar Panel
384*180*20 mm
Degree of protection IP65
Material Aluminium+ABS
Warranty 1 year

Packed & Shipped from Brampton, Ontario.