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New Energy Brampton Solar Lighting Inc.

High Power 3000 Lumen Solar LED Flood Light.

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Solar Flood Light - Separate Panel - Remote Control - 3000 Lumens LED

  • ACTUAL BRIGHT LIGHT – Over 3,000 Lumen Super bright Solar Flood Light. 30 Watts of LED floodlight power. Ability to brighten up a driveway, or backyard. Works great as a security light. Use around the house or business for security.

  • REMOTE CONTROLLED - The Carina Series is controlled by a Remote or Buttons. There is no Motion or auto-on mode on this model. Please be aware of the difference. This is for places where you need light only when you want to turn it on. Remote Distance is 5-15ft depending on conditions. Remote is IR and 5-15 foot range depending on conditions.

  • EASY INSTALLATION AND ADJUSTABLE – Easily install the floodlight and solar panel anywhere in minutes, no need to hire an electrician. Direct mount onto a wall or other surface. Solar Panel and LED are mounted separately to get the correct angle. Adjust the angle as needed to position the light. Includes 3.5-meter cable.

  • LONG LIFE BATTERY – Premium super-size 8000mah battery has the power to stay on longer and run for years and years. Lithium-Ion Battery for best performance. The battery can be changed without replacing the unit.

  • QUALITY AND WARRANTY – CE and ROHS certified. High-quality Aluminum and Hard plastic construction. IP65 Outdoor waterproof.


The solar light has a separate solar panel on the unit to draw energy from the sun. The solar panel also contains a sensor that activates the light when it is sufficiently dark. This unit comes with a remote control so that you can select your desired mode, brightness, and timer options. After a full charge, this solar light can be activated in increments of 10% brightness for a full 12 hours. If not fully charged, it has a built-in feature that adjusts to the maximum possible brightness for up to 12 hours. It can also be set on timer mode for 3 hours, or 5-hour sequences.


It can be used as a security measure and to provide light on a home or business. It also serves more personal uses, such as taking out the trash or getting the mail at night, conveniently activated from afar with the remote control.