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New Energy Brampton Solar Lighting Inc.

Solar Power Dusk Dawn Motion Aluminum Case Dual Colour Security Flood LED Light

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Solar Powered 180 Degree Self-Contained Dusk to Dawn Aluminum Fixture Dual-Colour Invisible Motion Security Flood LED Light.

This well-built Self-Contained high durability Aluminum (Oxidation dark brown) + UV protection fixture: Brampton Solar brand is a patented Smart Solar Lighting Technology. It is affordable and very easy one-step power ON without manual adjustment. Dusk to Dawn all-night-long continues illumination with SMART “Moon Light” profile/"Soft-Glow" lighting mode for anti-light pollution and darkness security/safety enhancement; it has standard of Dark Sky City capability with dual illuminating colour selectable. It is suitable for most outdoor environment of building area that can directly get at least 4hrs Sunlight charging during the day. It lights up for the area of entry, side walkway, stairs, fence, signs etc. or multiple spots.

Pure digital Solar Power lighting engine, is equivalent up to a 40W (on peak) incandescent lamp and 600+ lumens.

Up to 80+hours of continuous under the "SMART" mode which provides remarkable illuminating performance, enhanced user-friendly functionality and better ability for overcoming poor season condition under technology.

"Dusk-to-Dawn" capability creates a unique "Soft Glow" profile to maintain "Friendly Neighbours" style illumination through the whole evening.

Built an Invisible motion sensor (HRF/Radar sensor), it pulls up to max brightness once detect any movement around in "Dark Area”.

The upgraded Li-ion battery is the latest and most environmentally friendly: It is Lithium-based and works under our Intelligent Power Management (IPM) to provide reliable green and smart lighting.

Innovative self-contained, easy DIY in minutes, Operation Temp.: -13°F to +150°F, Weatherproofed (IP65) with UV protection. Invented and Developed, Designed and Engineered, QC'd in the USA.