Why Solar

At Brampton Solar, we have a specific purpose: to create innovative solar products that provide maximum night time light without hydro wires, using only free solar energy. No wires... ...just add SUN!

Solar energy is easy to collect, but the conversion to electrical is not so efficient. We has to maximize every part of the light to give you maximum performance. We start with over-sized solar collection panels made with the highest quality solar cells. We then harness that energy with our custom designed electronics, converting the sun's rays into electricity that will charge the large capacity battery. Our electronics monitor the solar collection panel for light conversion:

  • We use the entire solar panel to determine day/night.
  • We do not allow the battery to over charge, increasing its life.
  • We do not allow the battery to over discharge. We turn off the light to protect the battery once its level falls below safe levels!
  • We charge the battery at a safe rate, allowing the battery to has longer life with more capacity.
  • We use or offer timer operation on most of our products. This is to save the battery power for the next day in case of bad weather dat does not allow the light to charge. 

Brampton Solar  lights are designed for year round use(except the table lights). free-light solar lights function for their full 5 or 6 hour cycle as long as there is 3 hours of direct sunlight per day. In the dead of winter, when there may be only 2.5 hours of average daily sunshine in the North, our lights will still work for more than 3 hours. The big variable is temperature. Cold temperatures make battery capacity shrink quickly while extremely hot weather reduces solar panel performance. Please note: if the solar collection panel is covered in frost, snow, dust or mud, charging performance will be degraded or even stopped.

Save Energy and Protect The Envionment