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Advertising Board Solar Lamp.

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65cm Solar billboard light Features. CX60

Dusk to Dawn LED Solar ALL-IN-ONE Sign Light Ideal for Illuminating Billboards, entrance signs, building name signs, monument signs, box signs, cabinet signs, church signs, pylon signs, notice boards, etc.

Perfect for use where electricity is unavailable or too expensive to install.

Also great for sites where an environmentally friendly solution to sign lighting is required. Also, can be used for many types of signs, notice boards, information kiosks, site boards, directional signs, and traditional signage too.

1. Aluminum Integrated Solar Billboard Led Light, Special Patent Design for Lighting Signboard, Bill Board, and Wall.               

2. Light sensor working automatically day and night.  

3. Full Bright Entire Nights for illuminations, all-in-one solar-led billboard lights.

The integrated smart controller provides a real dusk-to-dawn illuminating profile all night long with full brightness till dawn or with 70% brightness till dawn:

First Working Mode:  It will stay on continuously with full brightness for 10-12 hours based on the battery it’s fully charged.

Second Working Mode: It will stay on continuously with 70% brightness for 12-15 hours based on the battery it’s fully charged.

· Integrated Design – the easiest way to bright lighting to any outdoor application.

· It’s made with Hight-quality Aluminum

· Flexible Lighting Angle adjustable - 90° Adjustable Angle

· High Brightness imported SMD2835 LED Chips (32-34lm)

· High-Efficiency Solar Panel (24% efficiency)

· The LiFePO4 Battery lasts 2000+ Charging cycles

· No Wiring Zero Electricity Bill

· Waterproof Performance

· Wall-mounting accessories available

  1. Solar panel: 10W High-efficiency polycrystalline silicon
  2. LED: White LEDs 60+pcs Low 800lm (70%) / High 1000lm (100%)
  3. Charging Method: Solar Power
  4. Charging time: 7-8 hrs
  5. Lighting time: 12-24 Hours once fully charged
  6. Battery: 18650 Li-ion battery 3.2V 12000mAh
  7. Material: Aluminum Alloy+ABS
  8. IP level: IP54
  9. With Light sensor
  10. Working Temperature: -25℃ to 65℃
  11. Installation way: with screws
  12. Application Area: Billboard, outdoor, public area, villa gardens, corridors, roadway, and so on for illumination.
  13. Warranty: 1 year

Packed & Shipped from Brampton, Ontario.