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New Energy Brampton Solar Lighting Inc.

Digital Voice Recorder. 500 Hours Recording.

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- Small Size: Portable to carry and hide, you can put it in your pocket, bag, car, or drawer, as long as you can hear it, it will be recorded, with no distance limit, just like your ears hear
- Long Time Using: Fast charging in 2 hours, continuous recording for 500 hours, standby for 200 days
- IP65 Waterproof: Daily splashing water or rain won't affect the use, but don't soak in the water directly
- Strong Magnetic Adsorption: Installation free, fit closely, and can be installed anywhere with the magnet as your need
- High-Quality Chip:8-core 64-bit CPU, can effectively recognize the noise, and make the sound clearer after being processed by the microcomputer. Professional noise reduction and zero noise
- Loop Recording: When the recording data is full of memory, it will automatically delete the first recording data and continue to loop recording.
- One-button Recording: This does not need to be turned on, simple and fast, push to the right for starting recording. Push to left, for shutting down and save the recording
- Time Stamp: Built-in time chip with automatic time synchronization
- Data Safety: Built-in automatic encryption to ensure the security of recorded data, Automatically save files when power is low
- Intelligent Segmentation: the recording file can be automatically divided into several parts according to the recording time, that is, the recorder will save a file every 5 hours.

Design: Hidden Audio Recorder
Color: Black
Material: ABS non-slip texture
Memory Capacity: 64GB
Recording Format: WAV
Standby Time: 200 days
Recording Time: 500 Hours Continuous Recording
Recording Method: One-click recording
Microphone: Built-in HD microphone
Number of Digits: 192KBPS
Battery: Built-in lithium battery
Size: 65x25x12mm/2.56x0.98x0.47inch
Weight: About 15g

Packing Included:
1 x Recorder
1 x Headset
1 x Audio Line
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual