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Car DVR 4-Inch Touch Screen Dash Cam 3 Cameras Lens + 32GB SD.

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3 Lens -- Front Inside Rear Camera Record
They can record at the same time, 170° wide angle front lens and 120°wide angle rear lens will record the surrounding of your car, keep your car away from thief, offer evidence.

Three Camera Picture In Picture Display.
In addition to front and rear view, you can also record everything that happens inside the car.Can choose a different screen viewing mode, record inside and outside at the same time,large wide-angle HD picture quality with wider vision.

Motion detection.
After enabling the motion detection function, when the car DVR detects a moving object, it will automatically start recording video. When there is no moving object, it will stop recording and detect the moving object again.

Reverse Image.
If you installed the rear camera, dvr automatically switches to show the rear image in full screen when reversing, displays the rear environment to assist reversing. Avoid most unnecessary trouble.

24h Parking Monitor.
If you are worried about your car being damaged by others when parking, please use a step-down cable to connect the DVR to ensure that the DVR works 24 hours a day. If someone else hurts your car, the DVR will immediately turn on and record the situation.

Loop Record.
When this function is turned on, the memory card is full and the oldest video will be overwritten by the newly recorded video. However, the video will not be covered under special circumstances, such as G sensor, parking monitoring.

G Sensor.
When your car is hit by an impact or other emergency, the gravity sensor will activate, record the picture at the time and lock the image.

Waterproof Rear Camera Lens.
720P Rear Camera with waterproof feature, show you clearer images.

Product Specifications:

Screen size: 4 Inch Touch Screen.
File format: AVI
Video resolution: Front 2MP + Inside 1MP + Rear 720p
Continuous loop video: Seamless Loop Recording
Support memory card: TF (maximum support 32GB)(32GB included Memory)
Frequency: 50HZ / 60HZ
Supported languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, etc.

The package includes:
1 X Car DVR
1 X 32GB SD Card
1 X car charger
1 X User Manual