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New Energy Brampton Solar Lighting Inc.


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This super bright little Multi-Purpose light is the ideal portable floodlight developed in order to adapt to the characteristics of outbound travel. It can be used for multiple usages and can either be mounted or freestanding. It has a detachable cable of 3m long which can be attached and mounted to facilitate south-facing areas such as carports. The battery temperature & control technology (TCS) protects the battery in high temperatures and prolongs the life span of the battery. It has an alloy lamp body that is strong & durable and incorporates ALS2.4 patented technology capable of approximately 10 days of lighting time through overcast conditions. Standard with auto on and off light sensors and charging, this light also has a Motion Sensor of 1 000 lumens with 4 different lighting modes to choose from.

• Mounting: Multiple (Mounted or freestanding)
• Solar panel: Monocrystalline 2.1W
• Colour temperature: 4000K
• Charging time: 9hrs
• Battery: Lithium-ion (1500+ cycles)
• Control mode: On/off button switch (auto day and night)
• Lighting mode: 4x modes
o 100 lumens constant with 1 000 Lumen motion sensor (1 Minute)
o Standby (no light) with 1 000 Lumen motion sensor (1 Minute)
o 300 lumens constant for 6 hours thereafter light turns off
o 1 000 lumens for 2 hours thereafter light turns off
• Core technology: ALS 2.4
• Multiple angles and usage
• Waterproof: IP65
• Installation Height: 3.5m Max.
• Warranty: 1 Year