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Integrated Aluminum 10w Solar Billboard Led Light. 1000 Lumens.

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LED lamp with integrated solar panel perfect to illuminate billboards or to be used as a decoration to light bridges, museums, castles and gardens, made of aluminum to ensure strength and lightness with brackets for wall mounting or signage structures

The LED lamp with integrated solar panel is one of the most innovative lamps on the market, light and sturdy is perfect to be mounted on signage structures or on walls even monuments or historic buildings, thanks to the ability to self-feed and accumulate energy through the panel integrated solar, without the need to bring inconvenient and unseemly power cables.

The solar LED lamp has a power of 200 lumens and is equipped with a 4400mAh 3.7V lithium battery that provides energy and light for 365 days a year.
IP65 certified therefore perfectly waterproof and suitable for public use in outdoor environments.
Mounted on an adjustable structure, it allows you to adjust the light beam according to your needs.

All our lamps are designed and manufactured to guarantee an innovative and high quality product, efficient, functional and reliable thanks to a careful selection of materials and hardware that make the products unique on the market in terms of quality and design.

The light intensity is 200 Lumens for the first 5 hours from the setting of the sun and 150 Lumens until dawn.

Technical features LED lamp with integrated solar panel:

LED Colour: Cold Light
200 lumens ultra-power LED 6000K
3.7V 44000mAh lithium battery
IP65 certification
Total loading time 8 hours
Structure material: Aluminum
Lamp sizes: 517x108x128 mm
Possibility to adjust the light beam according to your needs
Light operation: 100% first 5 hours + 75% consecutive hours until morning